Aberdeen/Belted Galloway Crosses

For many years we maintained a registered Belted Galloway herd. For purposes of meat quality improvement and enhancement, we have recently begun to crossbreed our Belted Galloway cows with an Aberdeen bull. 
The Aberdeen hails from Aberdeenshire in Northeast Scotland. This is in keeping with the Old World influence of our Belties, which also originated in the same general area. Aberdeens are actually Angus cattle, but bred for their small, tight conformation which is naturally low in fat, just like the Belted Galloway breed. We wanted to retain that characteristic while introducing some of the marbling for which the Angus breed is known. This makes the fat more evenly distributed, resulting in juicer and more tender meat.
American Aberdeen crosses are extremely well suited for grass-fed production, which is the thing we here at White Sulphur Farms are all about. The result is cross-bred cattle which are moderate in size, polled and efficient on grass. 
We think you will like the result of our efforts! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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