Belted Galloway

Belted Galloways are larger, milk heavier, and grow more rapidly than their parental breed. The distinctive white belt found in Belted Galloways often varies somewhat in width and regularity, but it usually covers most of the body from the shoulders to the hooks. The white contrast to the black coat, which may have a brownish tinge in the summer, sets the breed apart with its striking color pattern. The fore part of the udder may be within the white belt. Because of this distinctive look the cattle are also called as “Oreo cookie cows.”

Galloways are also distinctive because they are gentle by nature and make excellent companions. Best of all, Galloway meat is lean with lower fat and cholesterol and extremely tasty. Our Belted Galloway cattle are raised in a natural, low-stress environment, feed on lush green pastures and are completely hormone-free, resulting in a beef product that is exceptionally tender, full of flavor, and juicy.

For over a decade, White Sulphur Farm has been one of North Georgia’s premier Belted Galloway breeders. We often put some of our Bulls and Heifers for sale. Please feel free to give us a call at 770-519-0923 if you have any questions.

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