All Natural Grass Fed Beef and Pork

White Sulphur Farm, located in Gainesville, Georgia, boasts almost 400 acres of fields and forests. We are proud to raise 100% all-natural grass fed Belted Galloway Beef and Tamworth hogs, one of the oldest domesticated breeds of pigs in the world. Our Belted Galloway cattle are completely hormone-free, resulting in a beef product that is exceptionally tender, full of flavor and juicy. Our Tamworth pigs are available for purchase at various times and are known for producing delicious cuts of pork.
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Our Story

In the hollows and cut into the hills of White Sulphur Farm, you can still make out the old wagon road that once carried adventurers and settlers westward toward the frontier. They would make their way south from Virginia then turn west to Georgia, hoping a southern route would be easier for finding their way to the promised land of the Wild West.

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Aberdeen/Belted Galloway Crosses

We have recently begun to crossbreed our Belted Galloway cows with an Aberdeen bull. American Aberdeen crosses are extremely well suited for grass-fed production, which is the thing we here at White Sulphur Farms are all about. The result is cross-bred cattle which are moderate in size, polled and efficient on grass.

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Tamworth Pigs

Tamworth hogs are one of the oldest domesticated breeds of pigs in the world. The breed originated in the United Kingdom hundreds of years ago in Tamworth, Staffordshire England. Over the centuries, Tamworths have been bred and selected to be well suited to an active, outdoor life.

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